"Let your light so shine before men" Matthew 5:16
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The person I used to be was a person that didn’t have a life, was a very disrespectful woman, that didn’t know how to change. A woman that didn’t have any hope at all for herself. But on April 16, 201… Read more

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Praise the Lord!


Jesus loves you.  Oh how I love to hear that confirmation when I call Sis. Pat’s phone.  Her greeting is consistent and truthful.


While residing at the Lighthouse all has been well.  For me, being in a Bible study twice a week and attending a Sunday service in church has really blessed me, I am receiving the Word, God’s Word.  I am being renewed in my mind in my heart and in my walk.  And what I feel to be is the biggest of all is a change in my Spirit.  I have been able to slow down in my thinking and my reactions and not to do things as the world would have me to do.


But how the Lord would have me to do it.  However I am a babe in Christ, and my faith is increasing.  I am crossing bridges here at the Lighthouse.  I am living safe here.  I am resting and eating, being blessed and worshipping with other Christians.  I do feel very close to the Lord.  I am blessed and very grateful to be living in the Lighthouse.