"Let your light so shine before men" Matthew 5:16
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January, 2016

Thank you for welcoming me in such a warm manner to the Lighthouse your gifts of love meant so much to me. I’m so grateful to be here and I’m looking forward to someday helping others th… Read more

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First I would like to thank God for His blessings and mercy without the grace of God I would not be here.


As a result of drug and alcohol addiction, I ended up in jail for a period of time. From jail I went to the salvation Army ARC (a Christian program). There I received the Lord and began building a solid foundation in Christ.


I came to the Lighthouse after completing a 10 month program and here have continued to establish my relationship with God.


Living here at the Lighthouse has made my transition to ‘normal’ society easier. My responsibilities here help to keep me accountable and ‘real’. The Lighthouse is my safe haven. God resides here and in His arms I am safe.


Not to mention Pat (our director) is a friend, mentor and mother to me. I am very blessed to be here. I am also very grateful. Recovery is a lifelong challenge. However, with God, all things are possible! God bless!