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January, 2016

Thank you for welcoming me in such a warm manner to the Lighthouse your gifts of love meant so much to me. I’m so grateful to be here and I’m looking forward to someday helping others th… Read more

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I will begin where I am at in my life. I’m now living in my own apartment in a home called the Lighthouse. It is a Christian-based program. I have a few things I must attend while living here. I don’t consider them ‘things’, the only word I could think of – what I mean by that is, this is a Christian learning program, to help female offenders get a rather new perspective on life.


The program is 6 months to a year. What it is to me is a new outlook on recovery, returning to God. I attend Life Center church, I have a mentor, Stephanie, that helps in directing my way to the Lord. Pat, who is the director, holds two Bible studies we attend each week. I also attend a weekly Bible study at my church as well as Church every Sunday. I have now been here about a month and a half.


A little of my background, I have had a problem with alcohol for a very long time, probably since I had my first drink around 13 – 14. I’m now 49. I have had a rather limited understanding of God, and very little of real knowledge.


I grew up going to Sunday School and Church. I don’t ever remember being angry at God or ever not believing in God. I do know when my end came 2 years ago 10-18-06. I knew God was the only one left who could or would help me. By this time I had no friends or family left, they had all given up on me. I couldn’t stay sober. The Pastor of the church I was going to sat with me and told me it (my life) was going to get worse before it would get better and it did. I ended up going to the hospital for alcohol poisoning, the next day I went to jail.


OK back to the present. Now going back there really makes me see why I’m grateful to have ended up here. I feel I have a real foundation starting here. I’m learning more about myself through God’s love. I never thought I would get over such guilt and shame that I carried for so long.


I’m beginning a really good-great relationship with my daughter. She’s 17 and really needs me now. I’m beginning to feel I have some good things to offer her as a mother. My son, who is in Chicago, is feeling good about me. He knows where I am and how to reach me. My daughter and I call him often so he can feel part of us. I’ve discovered through God’s love that I can heal as well as help to heal my loving children. I can only pray to grow and learn more while I’m here at the Lighthouse.


Out of all the half-way, recovery houses I’ve been in over the last 2 years, the Lighthouse by far is proving to be the best. The loving care of the director as well as the board members has helped me feel I’m worth being a loving child of God.