"Let your light so shine before men" Matthew 5:16
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Impacting Lives . . .

When I first went to the Lighthouse I didn’t know what to expect.  The first 30 days was rough but very useful now that I look back.  I had 4 great mentors.  I guess God knew I needed more suppor… Read more

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Living at the Lighthouse . . .


When you come in, you start to grow right away in area’s you were not growing in rapidly enough before coming here, area’s such as spiritually, a bright positive outlook, and expanding to new horizons we only think about.


You feel safe and secure you also see the world as a brighter place, because we start to see things God’s way, the reading of the Bible, Christian movies, etc.


We are constantly learning, thinking and being prompted to be a better person. We are also gently nudged to have faith in God, and ourselves. And last but not least, we always have a kind ear to listen to you and try to guide you where we need guiding.