"Let your light so shine before men" Matthew 5:16
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Impacting Lives . . .

January, 2016

Thank you for welcoming me in such a warm manner to the Lighthouse your gifts of love meant so much to me. I’m so grateful to be here and I’m looking forward to someday helping others th… Read more

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Living at the Lighthouse . . .


When you come in, you start to grow right away in area’s you were not growing in rapidly enough before coming here, area’s such as spiritually, a bright positive outlook, and expanding to new horizons we only think about.


You feel safe and secure you also see the world as a brighter place, because we start to see things God’s way, the reading of the Bible, Christian movies, etc.


We are constantly learning, thinking and being prompted to be a better person. We are also gently nudged to have faith in God, and ourselves. And last but not least, we always have a kind ear to listen to you and try to guide you where we need guiding.