"Let your light so shine before men" Matthew 5:16
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April, 2014
Where do I begin.. before I came to the light house my life was in chaos , my heart broken and I was hanging on by a string. Hope.. a strong word that lead me into learning the word of the… Read more

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This is from my heart.  Hope it will touch yours.  I been a addict for over 20 years.  When you know in your heart that how and where is this madness going to stop.  You tried inpatient, outpatient, NA/AA meeting.  But I knew I couldn’t do it by myself.


And I heard about Jesus.  Didn’t know how he was going to help me.  But I decide to give him a try.  I had to totally give it to him.  Not be around people, places, things.  I had to put myself around a safe environment, around positive people and find a Bible teaching church.


Know one said that it was going to be easy.  But every day got better.  I had to decide that I was tired of going back to jail, eating that nasty food, someone telling me when to sleep and when to get up.


I haven’t had a drug or a drink for 13 months.  Life is awesome.  I attend church every Sunday, Bible studys every Tuesday.  I’m involved in two ministries at church – usher, psalm ministries.  I do occasionally run into that old crowd but I decided in my heart I love serving Jesus Christ Almighty.