"Let your light so shine before men" Matthew 5:16
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April, 2014
Where do I begin.. before I came to the light house my life was in chaos , my heart broken and I was hanging on by a string. Hope.. a strong word that lead me into learning the word of the… Read more

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Nearly four months ago I opened the door to the Lighthouse where I was welcomed by so many loving and caring Christians. My life before was complete chaos! Depression, addiction, no self esteem or worth, I had given up. I always believed in God, but I worried ad stayed anxious everyday, all day about every little thing. I did give up, all that I ever owned. As I look back though, I think of it as surrendering.


God made this decision for me to come to the Lighthouse, I cried out to Him night after night, day after day to rescue me. I told Him I wanted a relationship with Him. After forty years of trying to do it on my own, I wanted to try a new way of living. Every challenge I have been through here has worked out in my favor. I learned how powerful prayer is. Each day that goes by, I am still learning how to give myself to God. I thank Him several times daily. He had radically transformed my life. He has already started using me to reach out to those around me and has shown me that my past life is now my greatest asset in reaching others.


I believe it is all about opening that door, that new door that before you would have never opened. Your blessing and happiness could be behind that door. All I know is that my God has truly rescued me and my family from the worst of worst. The Lighthouse was that ‘door’ I opened that helped me become closer there. Now I have opened so many doors since, spreading the news of how my life changed. I was told by my church friend that I am now a ‘lighthouse’ to many. Just shows how Great is Our God!